Company Wide Energy Management Programs / Energy Master Planning

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Energy Master Planning - Portfolio Analysis 2 RG (MR)Developing an Energy Management Program or more broadly Energy Master Planning is the process of transitioning an organization’s culture from the traditional “fixed cost, line item” view of energy to one in which energy is recognized as the opportunity and risk that it has become. An Energy Master Plan (EMP) can guide an organization in longer-range planning of energy cost reduction and control as part of their facility maintenance, management, and design. An EMP can even lead the energy budget to be recognized as a potential profit center and source of opportunity rather than just another business expense. An EMP moves beyond the confines of traditional engineering to include:

  • energy procurement
  • energy-related
  • equipment purchasing
  • measurement and verification (M&V)
  • staffing and training, communications
  • setting energy consumption targets and tracking/feedback loop systems.

The long-term perspective goes beyond simply cutting last year’s energy use. It makes energy awareness part of the everyday operation and “mindset” of the organization. If you’re thinking this doesn’t apply to your firm or clients because you’re too small, think again. This approach works for an organization as small as a single site to an owner with half a dozen small buildings to Fortune 100 companies. The effort and level of detailed varies respectively, but the approach is basically the same.