System Design Review and
Computerized Building Modeling

Multifamily | Commercial | Institutional | Industrial | Government

system design review and computerized building modeling - PB300190-(racks-posterized)Designing a new facility, or just a replacement of a major system, (i.e. Energy Management System, cogeneration or CHP, HVAC, lighting, …), and want to make sure your capital is well spent before shovels go into the ground? Have EMRA’s experts review your plans and specifications. Our value in this process is blending our knowledge of equipment and systems interactions, with experience of real world operations to help assure what leaves the drawing board will work most effectively after it gets built.

Actually, it’s most effective to get this input early during the design process, before the plans are complete and bid packages are prepared.

This assistance can take on many forms, from EMRA’s experts participating in design charrette, to reviewing plans and specifications or bid packages, or reviewing or preparing a complete building energy simulation model.