Replacement Heating System Sizing and Preparation of Engineering Design Specification

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All to often we get requests to come in and design a new boiler plant for a facility.  While we are more than happy to do this, our recommended approach is to first see if the existing system is truly at the end of it’s useful life.  To do this we first start with an evaluation of your building’s heating plant situation, including combustion efficiency tests of the boiler/burner plant and review of the system controls and (where available) maintenance logs.  From that we determine if it can be brought to a more optimal level of operation.  If so we provide a combination of potential upgrade and operational improvements to help your system reach those levels, and extend the life of this very expensive system.

A Plan

After we’ve conducted a site survey, and evaluated the heating plant condition, a report detailing the existing situation and recommended actions will be provided.  One of the lead professionals working on your site will then meet with you to review what we found.

We don’t believe in assuming your heating plant needs replacement before we ever step foot in your building, however, if it does our engineers will make sure you get one that meets the needs of your building and does so in the most energy efficient and cost effective manner.

A System That Meets Your Needs, and Does So Efficiently

If necessary, and requested, the proper replacement system size shall be computed to account for the actual heating and, where needed, domestic hot water (DHW) loads of your site.  Detailed bid ready specifications will then be developed, that allow for a competitive bidding process.  What we’ve found is this process provides our clients with a cost savings that pays for the proper engineering many times over.  By then conducting a punch-list and final inspection you are assured that in addition to getting the most appropriate system installed in your facility that system is set up properly and operating at its optimal efficiency level.