Local Law 87 Energy Audits & Retrocommissioning

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Compliance with New York City Local Law 87 (LL87) requires the submission of an Energy Efficiency Report by all buildings 50,000 square feet and larger. At Energy Management & Research Associates, we have been in the energy efficiency business for a long time and we realize that LL87 will be seen as a compliance requirement for which the cost should be minimized. We believe that compliance with LL87 is only a part of what can be achieved if the process of energy auditing and retro-commissioning is carried out thoroughly and properly rather than solely as required for compliance. Beyond simply complying with LL87, your objective should be to obtain a clear, feasible, and cost effective road map to sustainable energy reductions in energy use and cost.

Energy Auditing

Rather than a generalized look at a facility or an investigation of a particular system, the level of auditing required for LL87 needs to examine all the major energy end use equipment, operations, maintenance & management processes of the facility as a whole. The audit is a detailed examination of how the facility is operated, how it uses energy, and the resulting energy costs. A key objective (going beyond LL87 compliance) is a group of feasible and practical recommendations for equipment and operations/maintenance, to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs.

If the LL87 process is to produce results beyond simply compliance, the recommended measures must be installed and maintained. Facility managers and operators are typically the persons who ultimately carry out the recommendations. EMRA auditors place an emphasis on including these personnel in the process by pointing out potential opportunities, explaining the problems and recommended action that will likely be detailed in the final audit report. This opportunity to provide us with “real time” feedback greatly enhances the level of “buy-in” for the persons with the greatest potential to “make or break” the effectiveness of the measures that are implemented.

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Retro-commissioning is a relatively new term for practices and methods focus on working with facilities to get their existing equipment/systems to operate according to design. Retro-commissioning includes evaluation of operational & maintenance practices and the key area of personnel training. Retro-commissioning seeks to make the best of what is in place now to achieve relatively low-cost energy efficiency improvements. At EMRA identifying and capitalizing on these, generally no – low cost opportunities has always been part of our auditing process, and our staff has the training and experience to help you capitalize on them.

LL87 Credentials and Experience

A number of energy professional credentials are acceptable for LL87 auditing and retro-commissioning. When considering LL87 providers, you need to be aware that the accepted credentials are not equal in the requirements to obtain and these differences can significantly affect the value and quality of the resulting reports.

Regardless of the certification presented by a potential LL87 service provider, the MOST important asset affecting the quality and value of an energy audit and/or retro-commissioning is the eye of a trained and experienced auditor. Experience with a wide range of building energy systems and technology, operations training, and in the investigative engineering techniques that are required in effective auditing and retro-commissioning are crucial if 1) the resulting reports are going to be anything more than paperwork exercises, and 2) not mislead facility management into unjustified investments, but rather provide the guidance necessary to assist building owners to make wise decisions to cut their energy costs and reduce their environmental footprint.

Our Experience

Not only do we have over 150 years of collective experience, but more importantly each of our senior staff (one of which personally leads the audit/retro-commissioning and site survey on your building) have between 20 and 30+ years experience doing specifically this work in similar facilities.  Through our experience in hundreds of buildings, we know buildings and energy systems, we thoroughly understand the rates that determine your energy costs, and we know how to use a wide range of equipment and assessment techniques to audit and retro-commission your facility.  You can have confidence that our services will result in the cogent recommendations providing real/optimal savings for your building.

In contrast with compliance service providers that have entered the field as a result of LL87, EMRA’s energy professionals have been focused on providing auditing and retro-commissioning that consistently justify the investments by the building with cogent impact on the energy footprint (use and cost) of the facility.