Energy Management & Research Associates, Inc. is a full service energy consulting firm. We are dedicated to designing and developing programs and projects that reduce energy use, optimize energy cost, and reduce facility “carbon footprint” in the multifamily-residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public sectors. We achieve this with a comprehensive research and development capability and a staff of professionals deeply committed to energy efficiency.

Building Operations Efficiency & Consulting

Building Operations
Efficiency & Consulting

Reduce costs, optimize operations, increase comfort, extend equipment life, design upgrades, and comply with local building energy regulations.

Strategic Energy Planning

Strategic Energy

Guidance with organization wide/long term efforts, policies, programs, and product/service development.



Scientific based approaches to understand building energy loads, evaluate systems or equipment and develop industry standards, policies, technologically appropriate solutions.



Train to Maintain© for building personnel, skill development for professionals, training material design and implementation.