Energy Management & Research Associates (EMRA) enhances it’s own in house capabilities to provide the most appropriate and cogent assistance to our clients by supplying comprehensive and flexible, energy related, and technical services by drawing on the specialized skill base of the strategic EMRA Team members. The EMRA Team includes:

      • DSM Engineering Associates
      • ANP Energy Consulting Services
      • Acela Energy Group
      • tLync Energy Engineering Consulting
      • L&S Energy Services

It is important to note that EMRA and many of its Team members have performed client work as a seamless/singular organization for various clients over the past twenty plus years. These relationships with all of the “Team” members, allow us to provide our clients a full slate of services to in the most efficient and effective manner.

The EMRA Team includes Professional Engineers, AEE-certified energy professionals, and a NERC Certified Reliability Coordinator.
In addition to our mid-level and junior staff we bring the resources of the nation’s top experts in the specialized fields of energy auditing, CHP/Cogeneration, energy planning/purchasing in the deregulated marketplace, energy performance contracting and computerized building energy modeling as partner’s on our team to serve our clients. The EMRA Team includes an International Cogeneration Professional of the Year, and two International Energy Professional Development honorees, as well as Regional Energy Engineer, and Energy Manager of the Year professionals. We bring an unparalleled collection of skills, experience, and success to bear on the full range of energy related projects required to address our clients needs.

Members of the EMRA Team include professionals certified in:

      • Energy Management (CEM)
      • Cogeneration (CCP)
      • Existing Building Commissioning (EBCP)
      • Energy Procurement (CEP)
      • Energy Auditor (CEA)

The team includes registered Professional Engineers, mechanical and electrical, and a Certified LEED 2.0 Professional and have graduate degrees in engineering, energy management, and business management. The EMRA Team is unique in being able to include a NERC Certified Reliability Coordinator among it’s professional credentials.

Our experience covers the full gamut of customer bases including multifamily, commercial, institutional, industrial, utility, not for profit, small businesses and local and state governmental agencies.

EMRA and our Team partners have no financial interest in any products, energy service providers, or other company that might create any conflict of interest in connection with the energy related services we provide.