Energy Management & Research Associates, Inc. is a is a full service energy consulting firm dedicated to designing and developing programs and projects that save energy in the public, residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors since 1991.

Effective design and implementation of energy projects and programs can only go so far. Ultimately, you must “train to maintain”.
EMRA provides a range of clients the traditional individual building consulting services including: complete energy audits (in a single year EMRA audited over 25 million square feet of facility spaces responsible for some $50 million+ in energy costs), boiler efficiency and HVAC equipment surveys, system troubleshooting, system balancing plans, replacement heating system sizing, and preparation of engineering design specifications. They are also heavily involved in a wide variety of projects ranging from research to design of company wide energy management programs (energy master planning), training, new DSM program design to energy software development & programming, and energy program evaluation. EMRA achieves this with a comprehensive research and development capability and a staff of professionals (over 60% with advanced technical degrees) deeply committed to energy efficiency.

Previous to forming EMRA, its principals conceived, developed and implemented a number of ground-breaking research endeavors while at NYC’s Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development. One such project, the BEUTS (Building Energy Use Tracking System) set standards for energy consumption comparison and methods that are used throughout the energy/housing field today.

EMRA brings an unparalleled collection of skills, experience, and success to bear on the full range of energy related projects that our clients might require. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients. At EMRA, we conduct all our projects with conscientious professionalism. Our assignments are completed accurately, on time and cost-effectively. EMRA has also acted as consultants for various energy companies on a numerous projects.

In 2007 EMRA principal Fredric Goldner, C.E.M., was inducted into the Energy Managers Hall of Fame, for his lifetime of achievement in promoting the practices and principles of Energy Management.

It should be noted that EMRA (and it’s partners) have no financial interest in any products, energy service providers, or other company that might create any conflict of interest in connection with the energy related technical assistance services we provided.